Promoting loyalty through WiFi hotspot

Increase Sales With Automated WiFi Marketing

Free WiFi is a platform for reaching and understanding your customers via WiFi access: you can find out who your customers are, send or email them your latest promotions, engage them via social media and also analyse your customer demographics all in one easy to use platform.

Increase your social audience

Make your brand visible to friends of your visitor on social media.

Promote your business

Through feeds your brand’s social presence increases. Your existing and potential customers are engaged with you through social network.

Increase "Likes" and "Follows"

Drive key engagement metrics including reach, likes and shares

More money in the bank

Use our platform to analyze marketing performance to maximize its effectiveness and optimize return on investment (ROI).

Goodbye Passwords

No more long WiFi Passwords!

Increase Sales

Generate leads and build your email list, then watch your sales soar!

Branded WiFi Login page

We design a custom landing page for you that engages your customers and reflects your business. It’s your brand, your way.

Grow your email list

Quickly and easily export your captured data to use on any email platform of your choice.

How it works

Customers login to your hotspot with their Facebook or email account. Free WiFi makes it super easy for them connect to WiFi and LIKE your page — just like that. No complicated passwords to share, just quick and simple Social WiFi guest access.


Connect to WiFi

Your customers select your WiFi Network.


Hotspot login

They login with their email or Facebook account. Their friends and fans now see their likes and comments about your business.


Data analysis

Learn who your customers are, and how often they visit your location with full analytics and reporting.

Amazing Analytics

Free WiFi is a powerful marketing and analytics tool, allowing you to glean important metrics about your customers. When your customers opt-in, you could grow a quality mailing list for your marketing campaigns. Metrics are visualized and displayed in beautiful at-a-glance graphs and charts for easy cross reference.



Getting started with Free WiFi couldn't be easier

What people are saying

"An Innovative WiFi Marketing Platform"


Free WiFi is the perfect tool for building and exporting the database of our guests. Thanks to the gathered data, we gain access to such key information. It allows personalization of our marketing communication.

Margaret Francis

Social media interactions via WiFi are a great recommendation and increase our reach. Customers are informed about special offers and discounts in real time. This system allows us to build lasting relationships with our customers.

Pedro Hampton
Senor Frogs

Thanks to Free WiFi we can encourage our customers to come back using offers tailored for their needs.

Enrique Howard
The Mango Tree

Thanks to Free WiFi, shop owners gather knowledge about their customers, build their loyalty and conduct efficient marketing communication. They have the tools to analyze the data and gather feedback.

Leon Delgado
Oscar Suits and village

The service gives as an opportunity to integrate WiFi with our Facebook profile. What is more, we can conduct precise marketing communication and, most importantly, measure customer satisfaction.

Nora Valdez

We're convinced that Free WiFi is an excellent tool — enabling client interactions, getting to know their needs, surveying satisfaction and encouraging revisting the business. That’s why we’ve decided to implement Free WiFi in our restaurants.

Maurice Conner

Frequently asked questions

How can we help you?

In the age of social media, businesses have learnt the importance of social media for connecting with their customers and hence a lot of businesses are using social media to promote their products and services. Free WiFi provides these businesses with tools to connect with their customers over social media in lieu of providing them with free Internet access.
Free WiFi can grow the number of likes your Facebook page has by prompting users logging in with Facebook to like your page.

Free WiFi system will instantly check the users profile to see if they already like your Facebook page or not. Please note that this can only be done if a user chooses the Facebook login method.
All customer data is stored in data centres with the highest security measures around the world.

We partner with the best Cyber Security teams and ensure that we meet and exceed the strict laws on data protection. These are the strictest laws in the world, so no matter where you are, you can be safe in the knowledge that your customer data is being managed with the upmost of vigilance.
As part of our Free WiFi service, you will receive a state-of-the-art smart router that will transform your business into a secure, wireless network. It will not conflict with your existing network attached devices such as Point of Sale systems, Card Swipe Machine, Streaming TV & Media Player and PC computer.
Yes, we do need Internet connection for our WiFi Solution. The only requirement is to have a stable broadband connection, it can be an ADSL, satellite, 3G/UMTS or any other kind of internet connection.
A user will be logged into a network for a defined period of time.

This is 6 hours by default. Once this period of time is completed, the user will be presented with your branded wifi login page again and they must reauthenticate themselves.


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Half year

Free branded WiFi login page
Free access to analytics dashboard
Unlimited social media connections
Lease router
Free promotional materials
Free service support

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One year

Free branded WiFi login page
Free access to analytics dashboard
Unlimited social media connections
Lease router
Free promotional materials
Free service support

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Two years

Free branded WiFi login page
Free access to analytics dashboard
Unlimited social media connections
Lease router
Free promotional materials
Free service support

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